Humble, award winning, accredited. We’re guessing you’re here because your Facebook or LinkedIn reps advised you to work with us, or one of our clients pointed you this way? You can tell us!

We do end-to-end Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, which means we handle all of your creative, demographics, reporting, testing, optimization, tracking, pixel, bot, and building-ad-technology needs. If you need some or all of our services, we are here for you.

Our clients love us mainly because:

  1. We are a small family of expert marketers, artists, developers and story tellers that get excited to work on marketing challenges.

  2. We are a diverse, multilingual, group who never take ourselves too seriously.

  3. We don’t make mistakes, 24/7, and are by the numbers.

  4. We work with only a few clients at a time, and have near zero churn.

  5. We continually share insights on what we have learned. On over a billion impressions this year for our ads alone, we have a lot to share!

Our business model is built around scale and valuing our expertise, so it’s important to know that we look for clients who:

  1. Have worked with an agency before.

  2. Have at least a $1M digital marketing budget.

  3. Are marketing experts themselves.

  4. Do not compete with our existing client deck.

If you think we’ll have laugh together, why not give our CEO a shout?
He’s the suit in our office and this is his direct email:


Meet the Cats

Kittys was founded in the interest of better understanding how humans engage with information in the digital space. We love to play with new ideas, designs and strategies to help you get your brand or product going. At our core, we believe that art matters - whether that be the art of design or the art of writing - and that belief drives how we advertise.

We are currently Canada’s largest Facebook Marketing Partner, with clients across the Globe. Yes that also means we have WeChat :P.

When you work with us, you’re working with the best.


Started in 2015 after helping bring Shopify to a $1BN valuation.


Managed two of Kickstarter’s fastest projects - raising them both over $1M in one month.


Designated as Canada’s largest FB Marketing Partner.


We manage over $1M of ad spend each month across our client accounts in the US and Canada.


What we Provide



English, French and Spanish ads are within your reach. Our copywriters adapt to your brand’s voice across all your ad platforms.



Our designers create both static and dynamic creative for Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn ads - including Canvas, Stories and InMail.



Make sure you reach the right audience. Our automated targeting tools help engage your core demographic and find new audiences.


Daily iteration means your ads are constantly being fine tuned for peak return on your advertising dollar.