Meet the Cats


Kittys was founded in the interest of better understanding how humans engage with information in the digital space. We love to play with new ideas, designs and strategies to help you get your brand or product going. At our core, we believe that art matters - whether that be the art of design or the art of writing - and that belief drives how we advertise.

We are currently Canada’s largest Facebook Marketing Partner, with clients across the Globe. Yes, that also means we have WeChat. 😜

When you work with us, you’re working with the best.



Started in 2015 after helping bring Shopify to a $1BN valuation.


Managed two of Kickstarter’s fastest projects - raising them both over $1M in one month.


Designated as Canada’s largest FB Marketing Partner.


We manage over $1M of ad spend each month across our client accounts in the US and Canada.


At Kittys we have a strong belief that art and science can coexist to drive results.

- Demetrius Michael



We are a team of experienced marketers and artists with a passion for growth and results. When you work with Kittys you are not only working with a marketing agency, you are working with partners that care to see your business flourish and reach new heights. That is why we only handle a few clients at a time.


From the Cats at Kittys,