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Kitty's Facebook Growth Agency

Social acquisition performance enhancers


Kitty's is a Facebook growth agency that accelerates performance. Grow your acquisition channel with us via automation, predictive modelling and AI creative iteration at scale. We work with agencies and in-house teams.

What we do

We act as performance accelerators for your Facebook advertising channel. We can create strategies, native brand creatives and even manage the ad serving for you. Customizing paid social solutions to suit your needs.

With our approach, we rapidly create remarkably effective ad campaigns and utilize our own predictive modelling tools to optimize results. We're always testing and meticulously monitoring performance, to extend your campaign reach, increase your volume and continuously drive down your costs.

Kitty's Facebook Growth Agency

How we do it

Continuous testing and data analysis is the basis of our methodology. We uncover the creative via AI technology, our concepts follow best practice design but also resonates with the human mind.


We track these insights in our own Success Tracker™, which allows our data scientists and creative team to produce top performing strategies with the most effective campaign creative.

We pair our proprietary Success Tracker with our Smart Interest system, to unlock new audiences. By doing so we uncover new potential in-market audiences to expand reach and volume. Finally, we add our secret engagement formula to ensure that likes, shares, and comments are at all-time highs.

With Kitty's you are in good hands!

They cut my CPA's by 80%.

Bukhtar Khan, Head of Growth
Jack Health

Creative can lift performance in the Facebook auction by up to 200%

Facebook Advertising & Marketing Agency

We iterate creative at lightning speed, to ensure you have the right ingredients

to gain an edge in your marketing campaigns.

Maximize your creative

With our extensive pool of designers, artists, and editors, combined with AI technology we supercharge your existing content and transform it into stellar video and static ads. This maximises your asset costs, because you don't need to create new content.


Don't have any content to start with? Try our AI creative services or our team of first-class illustrators and animators to create content from scratch for you..and the production costs are on us!

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