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General Assembly

Client success story.

General Assembly

General Assembly and Kitty's had been working together since 2016. 


In that time, we executed a multi-country marketing strategy, developed a bespoke inventory management technology and executed continuously high converting campaigns.


In 2020, the pandemic brought new challenges for GA.  In-person education was not possible during the pandemic. With the pivot to online classes, we challenged ourselves to beat the excellent CPAs of existing ad costs.


Using learnings from our Success Tracker™ and insights into human behaviour at the beginning of the pandemic, we developed new creative for General Assembly that Facebook instantly optimized to after launch.



General Assembly CPA Cut by 40 Percent.p

We achieved a 40%

reduction in CPAs.

General Assembly Facebook CTR 2x.png

CTR (Click through rate)

doubled within 3 days.

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