Led by the guy 

who grew Shopify.

Our team of experts have an expanse of knowledge and can provide you with the dedicated support you need.

Growth hackers 

at the core.

Demetrius Michael was the Facebook Growth Hacker at Shopify. He led its growth from the time the company was so small everybody confused it for Spotify, to its IPO, and beyond.


When you work with Kittys, you’re leveraging his robust, exclusive and influential $100M+ in Facebook advertising experience. 

Demetrius Michael



Started in 2015 after helping bring Shopify to a $1BN valuation


Launched two of Kickstarter’s fastest projects - raising + $1M in one month.


Designated as Canada’s largest FB Marketing Partner.

Emily Press

Graphics &  Motion Designer

Ashley Wong

Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Rachel Fulla

Executive Assistant

Tara Cauchi

Chief Creative Officer

Neela Ahmed

VP of Growth & Sales

Timo Sun

Senior Data Analyst

Mark Hall

Chief Financial Officer

Sandra Corelli

Board Member

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