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Predictive modelling based on insights.

Creative iteration driven by human behaviour.​

Data science at its best by growth leaders.


Ads That Move You

Creative is at the core of our business here at Kitty's and we have a unique method of ideation that's not subjective or opinion based. We build our creative on human truth, psychology and human behaviour. Our AI technology and psychology based concepts uncovers best performing creative with the audience in mind. We then iterate at scale to uncover what campaign creative Facebook will optimize to.

We believe that understanding your brand and audience is the key to unlocking the best performing strategies. We are data driven so we begin with a full audit and then proceed to map out the strategies with you. Evolving each time a campaign is run to take on the insights and use them to plan ahead.

We pair our proprietary Success Tracker™ with our Smart Interest™ system, to unlock new audiences. By doing so we uncover new potential in-market audiences to expand reach and volume beyond Facebook's algorithm. Our "secret sauce"  is finally used, to maximise audience engagement through likes, shares and comments, which gives you an additional edge in the auctions.​

We continually run tests looking for what the Facebook algorithm prioritizes, whilst also considering what resonates with the human mind. These learnings are added to our centralized Success Tracker™ database. Real artists, animators and creators develop your content based on these continuous insights. We optimize with each piece of data we gain.​



Kitty's believes in a technology forward approach, developing proprietary  solutions like our Inventory Management Solution™, Success Tracker™ & Smart Interest™ system to raise the bar in social media marketing. We're always innovating, partner with us to find out what new projects we're working on.

We're a data driven business and so analytics are as important as Creative to us. We provide full audits of your Facebook Business Manager, a personalized dashboard that includes campaigns analytics and insights to help you grow and scale your business. 


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